Barbados Self Catering Rental

Barbados sits by itself just outside the long curve of the Caribbean island chain that begins in Cuba and ends at Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is a beautiful island of palm trees, beautiful beaches, wonderful people and a selection of restaurants that will keep the fussiest eater coming back for more. For the traveler it is a very safe first world country that offers excellent hotels, telecommunications, banking and duty free shopping. Why go there – SIMPLE, its always summer and it is a relatively short direct flight from the major airports of Canada, the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Lodging in Barbados can be found with the biggest names in the hotel industry to small mom and pop operations, prices range from, “if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it”, to very economical. Another option is “self catering.” This method of travel can put you, a person who is not afraid to step out of the hotel world into an apartment that is completely outfitted, just like home and includes a kitchen. Live like a local, not a tourist. Walk down the street, greet the neighbours, take a bus, and shop for food in the local super market. Have a vacation that you will remember for years.

Barbados offers the traveller so much! Are you into flora and fauna? Barbados has an assortment of beautiful and private gardens that the knowledgeable traveller can find easily. Restaurants, so many and so diverse it would be impossible to experience them all. History, the history buff will find a stay in Barbados an exciting place to get a very thorough understanding of the British Empire’s growth in the Western Hemisphere and why Barbados figured so highly in the growth of the United States. All of the above and we still haven’t touched on medical travel or just the opportunity to sit on a beach and do nothing.

If you want more information contact us, our twenty years of visiting Barbados could help in your planning. Also, take a look at our Barbados listings; we have started to showcase a few select properties that the “self catering” traveler might find interesting.