The N4


Anyone owning rental property in the Province of Ontario has had a tenant who didn’t or couldn’t pay the rent on time. Now being the kind compassionate individual that you are, you certainly understand that the nice couple in the unit have car problems, a new baby or were just laid off, etc., but will your mortgage holder be as compassionate when you indicate that the mortgage will be paid a few days late. We are not suggesting that compassion be ignored, but you are running a business and in any business there is an expectation of cash flow or the business will fail. So what do you do when the rent has not been paid? We suggest that you issue and N4 (Notice to end a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent.) This one form provided by the province will quickly get the attention of the tenant and set into motion a complete series of events that will lead you to the collection of the outstanding rent or put you on a course towards a Landlord and Tenant Board hearing that could ultimately evict your tenant. This process comes with more twists and turns because of the bureaucracy that you are about to unleash, contact us and we would be happy to discuss the process and/or take on its responsibility for you.