Why a Property Manager?


Most components of property management are straightforward and can easily be handled by the owner. In fact many years ago we owned and managed our own properties. However, the ability to take on this additional work quickly becomes an eye opener as one begins to realize it really is a job. Taking on a new job in addition to what you are now doing both in your business and social life can prove to be an interesting intrusion on your time, especially when you have a tenant that can’t or won’t pay the rent, have a major plumbing issue at 3 in the morning or you just want to go on vacation.

We said property management can be straightforward and can be handled by the investor. However, if you are new to the business or just want to discuss your situation, contact us. We would be happy to give you a few ideas on how to resolve your problems and make your job easier or even discuss how Maplebranch might become your property manager now or in the future.