About Us

We are a full service company that manages residential and commercial properties in support of our clients. Our goal is to free our clients from the day-to-day, time-consuming components of managing their investment. We will handle all aspects of leasing, maintenance and trade management.

Maplebranch Property Management Ltd continues to grow. In June 2021, we opened a new office at 12 Main Street West in Huntsville. We presently employ 7 people who have specialized skills that can be used by our clients to manage their properties more efficiently.

We help our clients increase the value of their property.

Nina Semper-Ross

Nina Semper-Ross, President & Founder

Nina has been an active executive member of Maplebranch Property Management Ltd since 2011. Bringing over 11 years of experience in the real estate management industry, Nina has successfully fostered the growth of MPM Ltd while remaining committed to service and its integrity. She has maintained a personal and hands-on approach to the financial management of each property in the firm’s portfolio. In addition, her financial acumen and organizational skills strengthen MPM Ltd’s commitment to providing the best and most cost-effective service.

Email: info@maplebranch.ca | Tel: +1 (705) 635-9632

len ross

Len Ross, Managing Director

Len brings many years of property management experience to the business beginning with the ownership of a number of residential rental properties in Ontario. This knowledge was coupled with the successful development of a turn-key project management consulting business that built offices and call centres both in Canada and the USA. Taken together, these led to the development of Maplebranch Property Management in 2004 and it’s incorporation in 2011. Maplebranch has grown to include both residential and commercial rental properties. Len takes pride in the growth of Maplebranch and its strong focus on enhancing client property values by finding and selecting quality tenants.

Email: info@maplebranch.ca | Tel: +1 (705) 635-9632

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