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My wife and I came to the area quite by accident almost 20 years ago and it all started with a Valentine’s weekend at Grandview Resort. During the weekend we started talking about the possibility of renting a cottage for a week during the coming summer. So that Saturday afternoon while driving through Town we […]

Why a Property Manager?

Most components of property management are straightforward and can easily be handled by the owner. In fact many years ago we owned and managed our own properties. However, the ability to take on this additional work quickly becomes an eye opener as one begins to realize it really is a job. Taking on a new […]

The N4

Anyone owning rental property in the Province of Ontario has had a tenant who didn’t or couldn’t pay the rent on time. Now being the kind compassionate individual that you are, you certainly understand that the nice couple in the unit have car problems, a new baby or were just laid off, etc., but will […]

Barbados Self Catering Rental

Barbados sits by itself just outside the long curve of the Caribbean island chain that begins in Cuba and ends at Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is a beautiful island of palm trees, beautiful beaches, wonderful people and a selection of restaurants that will keep the fussiest eater coming back for more. For the traveler it […]